I have put things together I consciously would not do in this paintings show.

Parallel practice - text/cartoons/painting.

Template of brickwork – 1/3 of painting guaranteed.

Father’s a bricklayer

- speaks of word, a structure.
- stand-in for the stretcher., for the decorative to hang on.

Conceptual art and picture making practices – hover one above the other.

Broadsides – poster poems from the UK

Brian Fuata

Writing as a counterpoint

Two Broadsides/no narrative

Brick motif/neutral space – a uniform structure that neutralises the image.

Making or breaking a stretcher/statis.

The activity of making something. “Inside a thing” – no escaping it.

“Couple from linocut made in France about three years ago. A painting of a linocut of a memory of a holiday without your girlfriend.”


Intention to do the thing but doesn’t present as such.

Patternatination, juxtaposed patterns.

Not an ideas painting, more compositional, borrowed from decorative arts tradition.

Restoring the chair/exhibit the chair.

Singularity of the painted painting – texts also about image construction.

Texts came out of Reader’s Voice project. Wanted
to make simple pictures, but words ran along with it. Straddle the two.


Badminton/shuttlecock/eyes/peacock display

Quill – sharpen on brick wall. Ambiguity. Unravel/spaces revealed.

Does a bit more than a picture.

Soft meditation on image construction/accelerant not too strong.

Put together or dismantle 

-  broken stretcher 
-  spilt paint

Geranium pots – Dubliners song.

Something is being presented that is something else – a misrepresentation.


 See pathos in Hickey and Rooney and their use of melancholic source material.

Internal rolladex of images on the go.

Self made/unitary base.

Submitting to the rule. Rules based.

The motif is central to each painting.

Conventions of picture making and picture presentation.


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